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Aamera Siddiqui’s American as Curry Pie

Curry Pie Combined

We’ve all felt like we didn’t fit in, whether we grew up in our hometown or moved to a new country when we were 6. For Aamera Siddiqui, growing up as an immigrant in the United States was a balancing act between her Indian heritage and her American surroundings. Aamera’s world consisted of one country inside the four walls of her family’s home and another country outside those walls. Curried peas and hot dogs, Catholic school uniforms and colorful saris, Urdu and English all blended and bounced off one another to shape Aamera’s identity. Told with honesty and humor, writer/performer Aamera Siddiqui’s American as Curry Pie is one woman’s story about immigration, assimilation, and discovering what it means to be an American.

 To bring this amazing one-woman show to your venue, contact Suzy Messerole at or 612-720-4852